Friday, 11 August 2017

LRUG August 2017 Meeting - NEW VENUE

Invites to the August meeting that is to be held at Turner & Townsend offices on the 16th August 2017 were sent out on the 11th August 2017 at 10:15, if you have not received an invite then please check your spam folder, if it's not there please email me to check that you are still on the list.

Shaun Farrell - Associate Director, Technology Turner & Townsend

Presenting “What we look for in Revit when assuring models”
  • Have you ever wondered what model assurance means, what benefits it brings and what does the process and output look like? Well the Turner & Townsend BIM team will share their experiences and lessons learned with you to answer that question
Ossian Whiley of Whiley + Blake

An intro to VR, A Revit to Unreal Workflow
  • Whiley + Blake uses the latest real-time rendering and interactive technologies to enhance traditional visualisation processes and output. Prior to a live demo of some bespoke applications using the HTC Vive, our presentation for the London Revit User Group will introduce the immersive media spectrum and outline our goto workflow when optimising Revit models for game engine consumption. 
The Following Members have been removed from the invite list as the invite sent in August has bounced or was undeliverable

Antonio Contegiacomo
Aurelie de Boissieu
Dave Lee
Aleksandra Debowska-Cieszynska
Ralph Pullinger
Decio Ferreira
Michael Forrest
Jamie Gwilliam
Dan Hoogeveen
Clive Hunt
David Kenny
Fran Parkins
Eimhin Rafferty
Peter Read
Gary Scott
Andy Staples

If you see your name above please email me with your new contact details

Friday, 7 July 2017

NO July Meeting

There will not be a meeting in July, there will be one in August at Turner and Townsends new office at One New Change opposite the world-famous St Paul’s Cathedral in the City. and another in September at one of the Buro Happold London offices.

Monday, 15 May 2017

May LRUG Meeting

The invitations were sent out on Monday 15th at 11:19

If you are registered and on the mailing list and have not received the email then check your spam filter and junk email. If it's not in either of those folders and has not arrived send an email and he will check to see if:-

a) You are still on the spreadsheet
b) If Eventbrite actually processed it
c) If it was processed what the status was did it bounce or was it undeliverable etc.

So here is what we have for you at the May meeting:-

Rhys Lewis - BIM Coordination Simplified with Revizto

Philip Barnes – Revit Under the Bonnet

Matt Olsen - Fade-outs, Filters and Filled Regions - How We Get Nice Drawings out of Revit

‘When Allies and Morrison, a design-led Architectural practice with a focus on drawing quality, first adopted Revit, some at the practice were sceptical - the drawings it produced appeared flat and lacked readability. Matt Olsen, BIM Architectural Lead at Allies and Morrison, will show various tips and tricks Allies and Morrison now use to produce drawings with depth, readability, and impact.’

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

LRUG March Meeting

The invitations have been sent out for the meeting this THURSDAY at Foster+Partners 22 tickets went in the first 10 minutes of sending the invite so be quick it's first come first served as always.

We will have three presentations (one of them is only 10 minutes). Here are the details:

Amplifying Your Design – Frank Schuyer
Changes in the industry workflows

Revit Journals and how to manage them – Philip Barnes
Getting Revit to run faster and more reliably

Oceanwide Centre Project – Jens Majdal Kaarsholm
“Oceanwide Center will be the tallest residential project on the US West Coast. The presentation will cover how one of the biggest, and most complex high-rise projects in downtown San Francisco was put together in Revit, using a wide pallet of software and custom Dynamo scripts.

We were two years ago asked to get the Oceanwide Center project up and running in Revit as a BIM project. A huge skyscraper project in downtown San Francisco, with a very complex shape and design, where the main tower tapers in towards the top, so every single floor plate is different. The team back then had zero experience in Revit, and it was one of the first Revit projects in the office in general. So this whole approach would probably seem totally insane to many people, and for many months I had my doubts how this would turn out as well. But now after more than two years into it, we have gotten planning approval from the city, broken ground, and we have proved that nothing is impossible with the right mind-set. This presentation is a story about how we managed to pull this huge and complex project off, with a team of very skilled people that all had different backgrounds software wise. In the presentation I'll be showing how we approached it, both from a technical BIM point of view, but also which initial thoughts about the setup etc. we put into it. And how we managed to transition a team of people who were used to work in Microstation with a traditional 2D mindset, to do a really complex Revit project as their first BIM project ever.

The project is made up of various different software like Digital Project, Rhino, AutoCAD, Microstation etc., but with a strong focus on building as much as possible as native Revit geometry. The only way to do this, was to write and develop a lot of custom Dynamo scripts, which turned out to be extremely beneficial, and hugely time saving. Looking back on it now, I can't really imagine how we would have managed to do this without the help of Dynamo, especially with the amount of changes that would constantly happen to the design. So during the presentation I'll also go into more detail about how these different scripts were developed, how they work, and how we used them, but without going into every single node.

Another thing we have been pushing a lot on this project is the use of virtual reality, game engines and real time rendering. I'll in the presentation show how this made a really huge impact for us, and how this have helped our architects make decisions faster on the fly, and show some of the opportunities that a live rendering game environment gives to a project like this.

To cut it short, this project and presentation is really about using the best parts from every piece of software, and how we stitched that together as a successful BIM project in Revit.

More information about the project can be found here:

Monday, 16 January 2017

18th January 2017 Meeting

Invites have been sent.

Due to personal commitments I'm taking a step back from the organising of LRUG meetings, I will however still be managing this web site, the membership list and invites to the meetings.

Please contact Michael Bartyzel with offers to present. Mike has arranged the following speakers for Wednesday 18th January, and it's back to the smaller meeting venue at No 17.

1. Computational Engineering and BIM – Arnaud Declercq (about 40 minutes)
2. Modelling Integrity in Revit - Mojca Rozenicnik Korosec (20 minutes)
3. Alain Waha – Going beyond Revit (20 minutes)

Sunday, 18 September 2016

Wednesday 21st September meeting

Carl Collins - CIBSE 

Quick, five minute overview of the work CIBSE are doing in and around BIM and Digital Engineering  

Peter Williams - Lumion UK and IE Sales Manager - Bringing your Revit models to life with Lumion

    An introduction to Lumion
    Who Uses Lumion and Why
    Live Demonstration of Revit Lumion Workflow
    Finished Examples

Jose Fandos - Buro Happold / Andekan LLC

    How to set up the project session

When the emails with the invites were sent out by Eventbrite the following people emails bounced and they have been removed from the invite list. Remember to let me know if you move company or change your email address

Alessandro Maccioni

Yazhe Li
Julian Jameson
Mike Judd
Meegan Gower

There were a few more bounces but those people have contacted me when they didn't receive the invite and provided new email addresses and the list has been updated.

There are currently 331 people on the invite list. 

There also appears to be a glitch in the Eventbrite system as I have three members who are on the list but for some reason Eventbrite does not process them and they don't appear on the Eventbrite transmission log?

Friday, 15 July 2016

Meeting 20th July 2016

The two presentation for July are BIM related and are:-

        Oporo - BIM Enabled Facilities Management - Daniel Mofakam 

        BIM Hawk - Free Database and app from CIBSE - Carl Collins

Invites have been sent to the 263 registered members on the invite list at 9:15 on Friday 15th July 2016. As always one ticket per registered member on a first come first served basis.

I didn't receive my Invite to the LRUG meeting?
  1. First are you actually on the invite list?
  2. Check your spam filter and Junk mail, some firewalls will hold back emails.
  3. Have you moved company and changed email address?. Don't forget my balls are made of flesh and not crystal!, if you don't tell me then I don't know. So if you move company send me your new email address, and I will update the list so you get an invite to the next meeting.
  4. If you are on the list, I will check the eventbrite transmission log and if it's there then, it's lost in Cyberspace somewhere and if there is still room I will send you a manual ticket.
  5. Change your email where the protection is not so great like a Hotmail email account.  

If you get a ticket and then need cancel the Eventbrite ticket to attend the LRUG Meeting?

What you need to do is log into Eventbrite / my tickets / current orders / view order / cancel order, then the next person on the waiting list if we are over the venue capacity will get the ticket.

Friday, 6 May 2016

LRUG Meeting 18th May 2016

The eventbrite invitations for this meeting have been sent out

Session 1 - Using Revit Case Study - Tim Lane of Brooks Architects

Session 2 - Families Session 2 - Jose Fandos

Please note that this meeting will be taking place in the old venue no 71 and not 17 which is down a little and on the opposite side of the street.

Thursday, 17 March 2016

UK Dynamo Users Group Formed

At last nights LRUG meeting Mike Turpin announced that following a series of conversations on Twitter in January 2016 the UK Dynamo User Group was born. Still very much in its infancy the group is looking to set up two meeting groups, one in London (South) and one in Manchester (North). The fist South Meeting kick off tonight. To find out more Visit the UKDUG Website

The North group has been set up with a main focus on the Manchester area but also with the idea of moving around the region if suitable venues can be found.

The North group is managed by:
Jon Frost
Kevin Fielding
David Wood
Brendan Cassidy
The South group has begun life in London and the intention is to launch here as a base for the first few events to become an established forum for Dynamo in this area.
The South group is managed by:
Mike Turpin
Aaron Perry
Martin Coyne
Mike Hudson

The Group are hoping that once the first North and South groups are set up and running then other groups might also like to form under the same structure. If you would like to organise another group please contact them.

Hopefully we can encourage some of their members to present a beginner guide to Dynamo at LRUG in the future.

Saturday, 27 February 2016

LRUG Meeting 16th March 2016

The eventbrite invitations for this meeting were sent out Friday 11th March 2016 @ 9am there was a glitch with eventbrite and they were resent at 9:30am. All tickets have now gone and the waiting list still has two people waiting so... If you have a ticket and find you can't come please see How To Cancel Your eventbrite ticket  and release your ticket for them to pick up. 

Session 1 - What Annoys Me About Revit

1. Carl Collins - elementa consulting - Global Parameters
2. Kieren Porter - Patel Taylor - TBA
3. Paul Oakley - BRE - Basic Missing Functionality
4. Rui Gavina *-  SE2P - CAD Export & Element Join
5. Eimhin Rafferty - Watkins Gray International LLP  - A Few Things
6. Michael Hudson - Flanagan Lawrence Limited - Making a List TBA 
7  Mike Turpin - Capita Properties & Infrastructure - .TBA
* Note Rui Gavina is currently working in Portugal and can not attend in person, but he is going to produce a presentation that can be shown at the LRUG meeting and uploaded here with the others from the meeting.

Networking Beer & Pizza courtesy of Michael Bartyzel and Buro Happold  

Session 2  

Mike Turpin - Capita Properties & Infrastructure and others

Experience using drones, Photogrammetry, bringing the resulting point cloud data into Revit. During his presentation he will cover the following:-

   What is Photogrammetry?
   Scoping a photogrammetry project
   No-Fly zones and health & safety using drones
   Capturing the photos on site
   Processing photos (software comparison)
   Bringing the results into Revit for modelling
   Comparison to traditional survey methods and accuracy
   Our lessons learnt

All based around a case study project with live demos of the results in Revit

Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Autodesk 10% Staff Cuts Result in the Loss of a Presenter for March Meeting

I had lined up someone from Autodesk to present at LRUG in March 2016, but it appears he will no longer be working for them as a result of the Autodesk 10% reduction in staff announced last week.

Thank you to the LRUG members who have stepped up to the plate to present at the first Session in the 16th March Meeting

So we need to find another 5 to 6 people to do a Pecha Kucha Style 10 minutes session including discussion on "What Annoys Me About Revit" for a second session at a future meeting.

We also need as many members to be active members and request presentations and others to then offer to present them if they have knowledge to share. Now the web site is easier to maintain ALL offers to present, with a short summary of content will be placed on the web site and the members at the meeting will prioritise them.

If we ever get to the point where we have more offers to present than can be arranged in the scheduled meetings for a year, we can always arrange additional meetings to take place.